Micro-Controller Experimenter Boards

F5132EX and F5172EX

Top View

Bottom View

MSP430 Board

The F5132EX experimenter board allows you to proto-type and test your design ideas. It is based on an MSP430F5132 micro-controller from Texas Instruments. A large (4.5" by 3") proto-typing area can accommodate various surface mount  and through-hole components. Need a larger memory for big programs?  The F5137EX upgrade increases the flash memory size to 32KB and the SRAM to 2KB .

For detailed description and specs, download the PDF User's Guide.

Download the Demo Program.


>The MSP430F5132,  a 25 Mhz, 16 bit micro-controller with 8KB flash memory and 1KB SRAM (see datasheet).

>32.786 Khz quartz crystal.

> JTAG header for software debugging (using the MSP430-FETUIF - NOT INCLUDED).

> RS232 serial interface (MAX3221E) with male DB9 connector.

> 2 LEDs one for power good, the other software controlled.

> Battery connector ( with screw terminals ) and 2 low dropout regulators (3.3 and 5 volts)

> Serial Cable (shown below) is included



Serial Cable

Replacement PC to F5132EX (or F5172EX) serial cable, 9.8 feet (3 meters) long. DB9F to DB9F, shielded.

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